Progetto THINGS+

Il progetto Things + intende accrescere le competenze degli imprenditori nel campo della gestione dei servizi all'innovazione. Il risultato atteso dalle attività del progetto è lo sviluppo di una nuova metodologia finalizzata a migliorare le competenze degli imprenditori sull'introduzione di servizi all'innovazione nelle aziende del settore manifatturiero.

Budget totale di progetto 1.889.299,50 euro (di cui 1.562.517,33 euro di contributo FESR).

Despite huge investments into innovation technologies, many industries in central Europe focus on manufacturing of products. Low-cost competition from non-EU countries and gradual commoditisation challenges their competitiveness. The small and medium sized companies have to adapt their skills to answer the rapid changes following the innovation and technological progress. The THINGS+ project aims to enrich portfolios of companies with additional services that can increase value delivered to customers and improve their position on the market.

The main output of the project is a new methodology to improve entrepreneurs’ skills that help them to introduce service innovation into manufacturing companies. By introducing servitisation of products through adequate human capital investment, traditionally product-based firms will better cope with changing and shrinking markets. The aim is to transform them into regional innovation motors with no need of high investments.

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